Marketing Funnel Development and Implementation

Imagine if you had a customer tap that you could dial up when you needed more customers and revenue and dial down when you need to? Would you feel less stressed? Would you have more optimistic about your business growth? Would you be more energised and inspired about your work?

If you are tired of wasting money on marketing and still not getting enough leads, attracting the wrong types of prospects and a rollercoaster revenue cycle, implement a sales funnel for your business. Unlike your website which is more like a brochure, a sales funnel guides your prospects through all required steps from stranger to clients and increase your sales.


Step 1: Get Crystal Clear On Your Offer

When we jump on the free strategy call, the thing we want to really drill into is your offer. At a general rule of thumb, we only work with businesses selling (or wanting to sell) a product or service where the customer lifetime value is at least $2,000.  Here are the 4 main things we'll explore.

  • Who are you selling to?
  • What are you selling?
  • How are you currently selling?
  • The numbers:
    • How much are you willing to acquire a customer
    • What's the average lifetime value
    • Your revenue goals.

If you are not, 100% clear about your offer, we'll help you create an offer that can help you provide maximum value to your customers while increasing your revenue and profits per customer.

Step 2: Create Your Funnel Blueprint

Now that we clear about your offer, we'll lay down the plan on how to go hard on your prospects. The goal is to create a systematic journey where we can send the leads to and they emerge on the other end as customers.

We'll be mapping out the ads, lead magnets, landing pages, front-end offers, back-end offers,  email sequences, video scripts, webinars/video training, actions for every stage of the process as well as adding safeguards if the prospect falls out of our ideal journey.

Step 2: Building Your Sales Funnel

Here are the three main systems we'll build for you.


1. The Attraction System

The attract system is designed to turn strangers into prospects. It does this by building awareness of your business your business, engaging prospects, capturing vital information about the prospects.

We do all the “tech stuff” like setting up the software and system platforms you'll need, your client data capture forms, your email autoresponders, your follow up email sequences, and your call scheduling forms. We design, copy and create a custom lead magnet (report, video series, webinar) specifically for your ideal target clients.

Next, we'll build the web pages and make sure that all the tech is tied together so it just works. You'll start seeing a fresh flow of leads.

Finally, we set up your paid-traffic advertising campaigns using all the target audience information we gathered right at the beginning of the process and we place re-targeting pixels on all your relevant web pages to ensure you stay at the forefront of your clients' mind by being omnipresent wherever they go on the web.


2. The Convert System

The Convert System is designed to avoid losing leads and turn prospects into customers.

We’re going to create a system of follow up that specifically focuses on those PROSPECTS that are not HOT and are not ready to work with you today - because the HOT one's will have already been collected during the ATTRACT phase.

The automated follow-up system will send a prospective client an email, potentially a phone call by you or one of your sales team, then maybe another email goes out, and we can do things like SMS text messaging. The whole goal of all of this is to stay top of mind.

And if they're just not ready to buy just yet? We’ll continue to stay in touch with these people over time in a longer term nurture programme.


3. The Delight System

Now what are we going to do for all the new clients? Well, we want to make sure that every single brand new client that comes into your business is wowed! That’s why we call this phase ‘DELIGHT!’

We are going to make sure that our clients get the most value from what they bought from us. We‘re going to send them emails and follow up and make sure they know that we love them.

Now all of this obviously is going to create a client who spends more, and buys more often but we can also put systems in place that will help you collect more testimonials and referrals. Because that's one of the main elements of the DELIGHT PHASE - gaining repeat buyers and client referrals.

We'll write the copy, built the pages, write the emails, connect the tech and test everything to make sure there are no broken links. You need to do anything at this stage.

Step 4: Driving Traffic

We'll design the ads to bring people to the funnel and retargeting ads to be them back if they wander off.  We'll run the ads and test and tweak to make sure you are driving and a tonne of leads while keeping the cost of acquisition is as low as possible.

We'll also help you implement other offline strategies to drive traffic beyond paid traffic.

Step 5: Refine & Optimise

Now that your funnel is live and leads are starting to flow in, You have access to us for support. If things are not working, we'll dive in and figure things out together. You can use our phone scripts and templates to improve your conversions. You pretty much have us as your coach to help you grow your business.

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