Client Generation System

Implementation Program

A step by step roadmap to help you streamline your marketing, acquire high-quality clients and grow your business predictably.



Nail Your Offer

Get crystal clear on your audience and competition, craft a killer offer and create a clear and compelling message that captivates your potential prospects.

Build Your Marketing Machine

Use a simple proven system to capture and nurture your prospects without wasting time on unqualified leads.

Acquire High-end Clients

Only talk with people who like what you stand for, know how much you charge, and are interested in becoming a client.

Dear Business Builder,

You have a great product, service or program that can change lives but you are stuck with the marketing and sales strategy to get it to as many people as possible. You have tried all other channels and you believe marketing and selling online is a key to your success.

Sure you can hire an online marketing company to do all the work for you but all the quotes coming back are ridiculously expensive and inconsistent ... plus you want to master this stuff as it's too risky to be fully dependent on someone else to manage one of the most crucial parts of your business: your marketing strategy.

You've probably spent hours online researching and watching hours of Youtube videos but the problem with all these different pieces is that they don't really complete the puzzle.

You want a proven step by step process and strategy for marketing and selling your products fasts and someone with the skills and patience to hold your hand in the process to ensure that you master the key skills you need to generate leads online and turn them into customers.

Enter the Client Generation System Implementation Program. Over the next 6-8 weeks, with our training, tested and proven blueprint and support, you'll put together your marketing strategy, implement your marketing machine and convert leads like a seasoned pro. Most importantly, you'll have a skill that you can use over and over again.



Our step-by-step plan gets all elements of your online marketing working together to increases sales and revenue.


Use Our Proven Step-By-Step Marketing System

1.Create An Irresistible Offer

Most products never really reach their real potential. A great offer should fill every gap that a prospect needs. We'll help you structure and package your offers so it's easy to sell, increase your revenue and profits per client while providing maximum value.

2.Clarify Your Message

You have only 5 seconds to grab someone's attention when they land on your site. You need a simple, clear and consistent message. If you message is confusing, you are wasting money on advertising, losing customers and hurting your brand in the long run.

3.Create Your Lead Generation Magnet

Make customers want to give you their email. Newsletters are dead and buried! No one wants more stuff cluttering up their inbox. You need to offer a lead generating pdf or video that will provide value and help solve a problem.

4.Build Your Funnel

A typical website is more like a brochure while a sales funnel is a crucial piece of marketing that guides your prospects through a step by step journey through specific actions and increases sales.

5.Drive Traffic

What will marketing channels give you the biggest ROI? Is it Facebook Ads or your partner network. To bring a flood of ready to clients to your business, the right combination of marketing channels is crucial.

6.Build Your High-value Sales System

What if you could have the scripts and templates we use in our appointments to sell high-value programs and services.  You can finally create your custom sales system for closing high-value client like clockwork.

7.Build Your Client Delight Machine

Implement your client onboarding strategy and that helps your clients get the most of your products and services without spending all your time. The more value your clients get from your products and services, the more they'll buy from you and tell everyone about it.

8.Gather Testimonials

Learn the process of gathering great testimonials from happy clients. Use these testimonials as case studies in your marketing system to help acquire more clients.



1. Your Marketing Gameplan

You'll start by creating a complete customer journey the design all your offers for every stage of the customers.... from lead magnets, front end offers, core offers to backend offers, you'll have a complete roadmap for attracting qualified prospects and maximising your client value and profits.

2. Your Sales Funnel

An automated system that generates and converts inbound leads into full fee paying clients predictably, consistently, and profitably is the holy grail of most businesses. Using our proven templates, you'll implement a funnel that increases your leads, conversions, sales and profits at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

3. Your Traffic Campaigns

Using our step by step ad templates and swipes files, you'll create and run your paid traffic campaigns.

On top of the paid traffic, we'll help you structure a strategic partnership that allows you to build instant rapport with news untapped lead.

4.  Your Client Delight System

You'll have a complete process to ensure that new clients have such a great experience working with you that they can help buy tell everyone about you..all this without having to do more work than you already do.


Get live coaching

This powerful framework can be learned at your own pace. Each module will lead to powerful changes in your marketing and bottomline!

This said this does not mean you'll be on your own. Join our live online meetings every Wednesday morning to get help with your marketing and sales challenges.


Step by step videos

Resources & blueprints

Learn from any device

Live Coaching Calls


How much is unclear messaging costing you? How many people are passing up your consulting? How many potential customers are leaving your website without placing an order? How many email addresses are you failing to collect? How many sales are you missing out on every day because you don’t have a sales funnel? Not having a clear message and a provisional lead response sales funnel is costing you thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars.


"We honestly cannot thank John enough for his amazing knowledge. We were in tech-freak-out mode and he calmly listened to our business strategy and created a plan to match our online services. He is authentic and made us feel like we could ask him anything at all along the way"

Kirsty & Courts
Smart Chicks


How much is unclear messaging costing you? How many people are passing up your consulting? How many potential customers are leaving your website without placing an order? How many email addresses are you failing to collect? How many sales are you missing out on every day because you don’t have a sales funnel? Not having a clear message and a provisional lead response sales funnel is costing you thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Step-by-step training videos

Downloadable workbooks, checklists & resources for each module

Bi-weekly live group coaching calls for 10 weeks.

Exclusive access to all our page templates and scripts.

Collaboration with an exclusive group of business leaders

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1 on 1 Client Generation Blueprint Planning Session

Unlike most programs that throw you the content and leave you to sink or swim, we want to make sure you get the most of outcomes from this implementation program.

We've set aside 60-90 minutes to jump on Zoom 1 on 1 and create your custom Client Generation Blueprint. Your learning will come to live and you'll be able to implement everything faster.

We normally charge upwards $1,800+ GST (Tax) to create a custom Client Generation Blueprint so you already see the value this has for your business.

You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.


Hi, I'm John Kiama
Business Growth Strategist & Founder, Client Generation

I really want to thank you for reading this page until the end.

My goal here is very simple: I want to help you grow your business with the certainty and confidence of never having to worry about where the next client will come from.

I help consultants, advisors and professional service providers to generate unlimited high-value clients, deliver their services in a leveraged way and transform the lives of their clients along the way.

This program is a culmination of years of learning, testing and implementing what works to grow businesses predictably online. By completing this you'll have a complete system to for streamlining your marketing and acquiring high-value clients on autopilot every day of the week.

I can't wait to see you on the other side.

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